Desperate mom, desperate measures: Using frozen butter in cookies


Today was one of those days where I deserved a trophy for making it to bedtime. After four days off from school I was very much looking forward to dropping the kids off, then heading home to nurse my sinus infection and deal with some looming deadlines.

But as it turns out, Lolo’s got the same cold, so he was home with me all day, vomiting at regular intervals just to keep me on my toes. Jeremy wet his pants on the way home from preschool (does anyone else’s kid’s school do this thing where they don’t let the kids go to the bathroom after nap before pickup?) and we got home just in time for Logan to get sick again, and the afternoon/evening continued in that same vein from there.

I’ve written before how wine isn’t my mom reward of choice, so once the kids were in bed (babbling to each other but at least out of my hair) I decided to whip up a small batch of chocolate chip cookies┬áto celebrate keeping us all alive another day. The only problem was all my sticks of butter were frozen, and all the open sticks were either contaminated by toast crumbs or in fractions that I was too tired to try and mash together to make half a cup. But I had a ton of butter in the freezer left over from the Thanksgiving sales, so I decided to zap it in the microwave and see what happened.


I was aiming for just softening the butter, but that did not go according to plan AT ALL. After 3 rounds of 15 second intervals, half of the butter was soup and the other half was still a brick. I had to get in there with my hands to mash it up.

Usually this would have annoyed me, since my hands have been like really dry this winter, so I’ve been avoiding extra hand washing whenever possible and worshiping lotion the way Cady worshiped Regina in the first half of Mean Girls. But Colgate-Palmolive was kind enough to send me some of their new Softsoap Hand Wash Plus Lotion for review, and while I still dread doing the dishes, my hands are decidedly less sandpapery. Plus, I never understand people who are like “just put hand lotion on after you wash you hands at the sink.” Because then how do you mince garlic for dinner without getting vanilla lotion taste in the food? This soap lets you skip that step but have soft hands without the fear of poisoning your family. But I digress…


I was worried about how the cookies would taste with the mostly melted butter base, but I had nothing to fear. It turns out the only thing impacted by the change from softened to melted butter was the cookie spread. When I use soften butter my cookies are like little pillows. With the melted butter these were much thinner, crispier and very, very chocolately.

So yes, Virginia, you can bake cookies with frozen butter if you melt it. Just give your cookies plenty of room to stretch out and don’t expect them to fluff up too much.


Softsoap Handwash Plus Lotion provided by Colgate-Palmolive, all opinions are my own.




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